About Claudio Souza Pinto


Color, humor, creativity and refinement are present in the paintings of Claudio Souza Pinto Instead of faces, Masks Instead of bodies, Clothes Behaviors are emphasized

These original paintings are created in this context What would you say What woul you think ! about seeing someone walking around with a mask on their face, and if you approached, you realized that behind the mask, there is nothing , neither face, nor head, nothing ! How are the humans when take off the clothes ?   How are You, when there isnʼt anybody looking ?  Do you exist ? Are you true ? or behind the appearances, those appearances that You show the people, You are nobody neither !!! Claudioʼs paintings are these.  There isnʼt but the clothes , shoes, hats,, masks He paints very well the gestures, the movements, the mannerisms,the body volumes, and the postures of nobody In his paintings the humans are distinguished unknown people It only to know about the humanʼs appearance and visible movements There is a vast theater inside the paintings , there is many characters, There is a series of representations , each one more common culturally and socially but there isnʼt anybody The actors donʼt exist , only the characters , the people are not there , as if they had left, when the artist paints them, or as if they had never arrived The artist prepares the linen panel himself he applies the prime , he stretches it His techniques is oil on linen In this universe , his paintings done in a poetic language that talk or play with the observer have a strong color contrast emphasizing The joy and the fantasy messing with peopleʼs feelings

I paint the clothes of the human beeings, because the society only gives value to the appearance, The masks represents and camouflages the behavior

“ I transform daily situations with a surrealist filter , creating fantastic and humorous images “


Born and lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1954.
BA, Mackenzie University. Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Works in oil painting, drawing, sculpture (stone and wood), photography, ceramics.

Solo Exhibitions

LongWorth Gallery - Santa Fe - NM - US
Art & Design Gallery - Miami - FL, USA
Oh My Godard Gallery - Las Vegas, - USA


Michel Art Gallery - Miami -FL, USA


Galeria Pintura Brasileira - Sao Paulo -Brazil
Clube Transatlântico- Sao Paulo- Brazil


Chic & Art Gallery - Atlanta - USA


Blue Tree Premium- Brazil
Mestico, Art Show -SP, BR


Espaco Cultural Infraero


Galeria Romero Britto – SP, Brazil


Chalk Farm Gallery – Santa Fé – NM, USA


Hilton Hotel – Galeria Canvas – São Paulo


Blue Tulip Gallery - Windsor – London, UK


Casa Velha – Quinta do Lago – Algarve – Portugal


Group Exhibitions
2017- Dom Quixote Galeria de Arte - RJ - Brazil
2016- Art Palm Beach, USA
Chic Evolution in Art Gallery - GA, USA
2015- CD Cover Sergio Mendes - Brazil
Artiz Galeria, Sao Paulo, BR
2014- Chapel Art Show - SP, BR
“Horses and Dreams” - Hagen, Germany
2013- Wynwood Art Group - Miami - FL, USA
2012- Art Delight - Rio de Janeiro, BR
2011- Espaço Cultural Infraero - Aeroporto de Guarulhos -SP, BR
Bienal Izmir - Turkey – Invited and awarded artist
Espaco Galeria 3058A - SP, BR
Bahiarte Galeria - Londrina -Parana, BR
Espaco AZ - SP, BR
Artes Figueiredo - Galeria Galeria Sergio Caribe - SP, BR
Chapel Art Show - SP, BR
Carroussel du Louvre -Paris -FR
2009- Biennale de Chianciano – Toscana – Italy -Invited artist-
Biennale of London - Gagliardi Gallery - UK
Bienal do Livro – Os melhores da Arte Brasileira – ICSA – SP
2008- Artexpo NY – Nan Miller Gallery, USA
Onessimo Fine Art – Palm Beach – Miami, USA
2007- Artexpo Las Vegas,USA
Nan Miler Gallery – NY, USA
2006 -Mostra Hotel Sete Voltas – São Paulo, Brazil
Robert Philips Gallery, London, UK
O Bienal 2 - MUBE – São Paulo, BR
Ethon Gallery – London, UK
2005- Grand Hyatt Hotel – São Paulo – Brazil
Plaza de los Venerables – Spain Fundação Focus - Abengoa – Seville – Spain
2004- 5th Biennial International Exhibition in Rome – Italy
Grand Hyatt Hotel of São Paulo – Brazil
Espaço Cultural da Câmara dos Deputados – Brasília
Arte Internacional de Padova – Italy
2003- Conrad Resort & Casino -Punta Del Este, Uruguay
Brazilian English Center – XVII Art Exhibition – São Paulo, Brazil
2002- Chapel School Art Show – São Paulo – Brazil
Atrium Cultural Centro Comercial Plaza, São Paulo – Brazil
2001- Conj. Federal da Caixa Econômica Federal de Salvador– Bahia - Brazil
Conj.Cultural da Caixa Econômica Federal de São Paulo – Brazil
2000- Galeria Centro de Convivência de Campinas – São Paulo – Brazil
1999- Conj. Cultural da Caixa Econômica Federal de Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
1998- Espaco Cultural Brasilia - Caixa Econômica Federal – Brazil
Banco Francês Brasileiro – Agencia Alphaville – São Paulo – Brazil
1997- Galeria Espaço Mirante 1997 –São Paulo-Brazil
Salon de Outono – Espacio Branly – Ei el – Paris - France
1996- Les Bains, No. 7 Rue du Bourg L’Abbe – Paris – France
1995- Doobie’s No. 2, Rue Robert Estienne – Paris – France
1993- Les Bains, No. 7 Rue du Bourg L’Abbe – Paris – France
1992- Opera Garnier de Paris, No. 8 Rue Scribe-Paris – France

Awards and Honors
2015- LICC - London competition
2012- Art Fusion Gallery - Awarded artist
2011 - Bienal Izmir - Turkey - Awarded Artist
2004 - Fundacíon Focus-Abengoa, Seville – Spain - Award and Work Acquisition
2003 - Conrad Resort & Casino -Punta Del Este – Uruguay – HonoredArtist
2002 - Centro Comercial Plaza, São Paulo, Brazil - Honored Artist